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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The Internet was originally designed to facilitate communication and research activities. However, the dramatic increase in the use of the Internet in recent years has led to internet addiction and misuse, especially among children.
The use of internet is rapidly growing in all spheres of life due to the enormous amount of information it offers, virtually rebounding answer to every possible query you make. However, if not used for constructive purpose, this immensely useful technology can also backfire.
As children Internet use grew exponentially in the last decade, with it emerged a number of correspondent
Expectations among them were the following:
 (1) that gender predicts usage, i.e., that boys spend more time online, surfing the web and playing violent games, while girls chat or shop online;
 (2) That Internet use causes social isolation and depression, especially for teens; and
 (3) That children misuse the Internet for anonymous identity experimentation.
 Our research focuses on the misuse of internet by school children.
Hypothesis: This study reports the analysis of the misuse of internet among children and how it may affect their education, health and career.
Problem: try to stop or cut down the misuse among children by using filtering software, by educating the
Parents and telling them to monitor their children and keep a check of the websites visited by their children.
Method: when we were assigned the report, we were told to select a topic of our own choice and get it approved by our course instructor. We listed 4 topics and showed them to our teacher and she advised us to work on “misuse of internet among school children”.
We then discussed this topic with the teacher and with friends and took their comments ad then we made a survey form which was to be filled by our target population. The survey form was checked and approved by our teacher and we then started getting them filled by school children of class 8th, 9th ad 10th.We visited 3 different use schools and got our forms filled.
Findings: through the findings of our research, we can say that girls are less prone to internet as compare boys.
The extent to which both genders misuse internet is more in boys. Secondly, the research suggests that girls are less addicted to internet than boys.
Internet has emerged as an essential media channel for personal communications, academic research,information exchange, and entertainment. While the positive aspects are renowned, concerns continue to mount regarding problematic Internet usage behaviors.
The internet is an exciting technological advancement that is becoming very common nowadays because it is one of the fastest ways of getting information. People of different status and age group use the net in various ways. It is used commonly for business information exchange, education and communication. The extent of use of the net in everyday life has become so common that it is now an integral part of our lives.
As the internet is being increasingly used as an education and information resource, parents have to decide how to make it a safe place for their children. Pornography, violence, obscenity and hatred lurk in unexpected places, and innocent children stumble upon them all too frequently.
It is not the problem of parents and their children only, but employees viewing and trading pornographic,offensive or otherwise unproductive material has also emerged as a key concern of many business managers.
Not only are these activities wasteful of time and resources in themselves, they may also involve the employer in legal issues. The ease of access and distribution of these materials makes these issues all too common in daily business.

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